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What are raccoons and opossums?

Raccoons are mammals that grow between two and three feet long. They have a round body with gray and black fur, a ringed tail, and a "mask" across their eyes. Opossums are the only marsupials in North America. They are about the same size as a house cat and have gray and white hair, hairless ears, long whiskers, a pointed face, and a long hairless tail.

Are raccoons and opossums dangerous?

Both raccoons and opossums pose threats to people and pets. Usually, both animals prefer to avoid people, but they will become aggressive if cornered.

While raccoons are known carriers of rabies, opossums are not; however, both can bite. Raccoons also spread salmonella, E. coli, giardiasis, and roundworms. Opossums carry tularemia and tuberculosis, and both of these animals spread leptospirosis.

Why do I have a raccoon and opossum problem?

Unless you live in a city, you are likely to have some wildlife activity on your property. While you may not always see them, raccoons and opossums are always there. However, sometimes these animals become more of a problem, usually due to the availability of food your property provides.

Where will I find raccoons and opossums?

Raccoons and opossums will try to squeeze their way under sheds, crawl spaces, and decks on a residential property. These spaces provide the quiet and safety they need to sleep during the day and move around at night. They may also be found in dens abounded by other animals and inside hollow logs.

How do I get rid of raccoons and opossums?

You should never approach any wildlife; this includes raccoons and opossums. As you read above, these pests can transmit dangerous diseases. So instead of trying to handle animals, let Rowland Pest Management do this work for you.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in removing wildlife animals from residential homes. We use live traps and check them during scheduled visits to remove these pests. We also focus on sealing the house to keep them from getting inside.

To learn more about our residential pest control options and commercial pest management solutions, or schedule a free inspection, please reach out to us today! We offer financing options to ensure our customers throughout Florida have access to the pest control services they need. We are always here to help. "When we roll in… bugs roll out!"

How can I prevent raccoons and opossums in the future?

You can help keep prevent these wildlife pests from becoming a problem on your property by using the following tips:

  • If possible, fence in your yard and gardens. You should also repair any damaged fencing you already have. 
  • Outdoor lights are helpful to keep away these nocturnal pests.
  • Garbage cans with tight-fitting lids that cannot be easily knocked over are essential to keeping these critters from getting into them.
  • Even if you have bird feeders that other animals can't get to, they will drop seeds that will attract wildlife, so it is best to keep them away from your home or off your property altogether.
  • In the same sense as bird feeders, you should never leave any food out for wildlife, including fallen fruits and ripening vegetables.
  • Keeping your yard maintained can help to make your property less inviting to these animals. 
  • Make sure wildlife can't get under your crawl space, deck, or shed.