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Fire Ants In Orlando, FL

Fire ants can quickly turn your outdoor spaces into a battleground. In this blog, we'll explore everything homeowners in Orlando need to know about fire ants – from identification to prevention and effective control methods.

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Identifying Common Ant Species in Orlando, FL

Understanding these ants can help you implement effective pest control strategies and protect your home and garden. In this guide, we'll delve into the most common ant species in Orlando and throughout Central Florida, their characteristics, behaviors, and how to manage infestations.

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Tips To Deter Wasps From Your Casselberry Yard

Have you ever been stung by a wasp? If not, consider yourself lucky. Wasp stings are quite painful and can cause swelling and allergic reactions. Unfortunately, some types of wasp are fairly common in Casselberry, including paper wasps and mud wasps. To help you avoid being stung, we’ve put together this guide to wasp identification, prevention, and control.

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Termite Treatment
Squirrel Exclusion In Central Florida

Getting rid of a squirrel problem is not easy for most homeowners. If squirrels are in your Casselberry home, you need the help of the professionals at Rowland Pest Management. We have the equipment, skills, and knowledge necessary to remove and prevent squirrel infestations. 

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Rodent Identification & Prevention

Many people forget that squirrels are also rodents and can cause similar problems to mice and rats. Rodents are known for their quick reproduction rates, which is why there is rarely ever just one or two of these pests in your home. Even if you can’t see them, there are likely many more than you think.

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