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Raccoon Exclusion In Casselberry, FL

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Keeping Raccoons Out Of Your Casselberry And Central Florida Home

It may seem unlikely that raccoons will get into your house, but it does happen. Due to their size, it’s easy to understand how much damage can occur from a raccoon infestation, and it’s easy to understand why it’s better to avoid such a situation. However, if you find yourself dealing with raccoons in or around your Casselberry house, you need the services of Rowland Pest Management. Raccoons can be dangerous, especially when they feel threatened, and having trained professionals take care of the problem for you will not only remove your raccoon problem but also ensure it doesn’t return.

Raccoon Exclusion From Rowland Pest Management

The first step in the raccoon control process is getting rid of your active infestation. We will set humane live traps in strategic areas around your home. We’ll return to your house frequently to check the traps. When we catch the raccoons, we will remove and release them a safe distance away from your home.

The second step of the raccoon control process is exclusion. This step is vital to the process because it prevents the raccoons from getting back into your house. We will identify the entry points they were using and any areas that could become entry points and seal them to make them inaccessible.

Thorough Raccoon Control To Protect Your House

If raccoons have invaded your property, don’t take chances. Let Rowland Pest Management take care of them using our knowledge and experience. We remove the raccoons in a way that is safe and humane and protect your house from future infestations with our effective home raccoon exclusion services. Contact us to schedule your free inspection today.