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What To Do About Raccoons Hanging Around Your Central Florida Home

July 15, 2022

Pest control in Central Florida is not relegated to just ants and mice. Your Central Florida home may attract many types of critters in search of food or shelter. One such common offender is the raccoon. Fortunately, Rowland Pest Control can defend your home against all pests, even raccoons.

Raccoons Appear To Be Cute And Cuddly

Raccoons are small mammals common throughout the North American continent. They are easy to spot by their salt-and-pepper fur coat, black-ringed tail, and black mask marking over their eyes. 

Raccoons in Central Florida can reach up to three feet in length from nose to tail-tip. They are nocturnal creatures, meaning they prefer to do their work during the day and sleep the day away. Although raccoons prefer to live in wooded areas, they will go to farms, suburbs, or cities if food and water are accessible. As cute as raccoons are, they can cause plenty of chaos. They are capable of immense property damage and are notorious transmitters of rabies. 

Why It's Dangerous To Have Raccoons Around Your Home 

As previously mentioned, raccoons, cute though they may be, are destructive. When making a home out of your house, they will create their den within your chimney, attic, or porch. Raccoons are not hibernating mammals; they can cause problems for homeowners year-round. Raccoons may tear through siding, insulation, and wires to build up their nests. Raccoons will also rifle through trash to find tasty morsels. They often leave cans toppled and trash strewn about the lawn. With their dexterous hands, raccoons can open lids to get what they want. The garbage that raccoons disperse can attract other pests to your home. 

The greatest threat raccoons on your Central Florida property pose is to your health. Raccoons are hosts to rabies, a viral disease transmitted via the bite of an infected animal. The virus causes brain inflammation and is almost always fatal without immediate medical attention. If bitten by a strange animal, such as a raccoon, it is always best to see a healthcare professional to be evaluated and preemptively treated for rabies. If left untreated, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, seizures, and hydrophobia appear. By this point, the disease is fatal and untreatable.

Factors That Attract Raccoons To Your Yard And Home 

Several factors could inadvertently attract raccoons to your Central Florida home, such as:

  • Broken vents, uncapped chimneys, gaps or holes in roofing, broken windows, etc. that give raccoons access to your home
  • Exposed trash or garbage cans that don't close tightly
  • Food left out after a party or barbecue
  • Bird feeders and bird baths

These small things could add up to a wildlife infestation. It is best to keep your lawn tidy and free of debris and food scraps. Also, sealing cracks and holes with mesh or silicone-based caulk can keep raccoons out of your Central Florida home.

The Safe And Effective Way To Remove Raccoons From Your Home 

The only surefire way to safely remove an active raccoon infestation is to contact a wildlife expert. Thankfully, Rowland Pest Control is well versed in pest control and wildlife management. We are reliable and efficient pest control experts dedicated to serving Central Florida residents. For a pest-free home, give Rowland Pest Control a call today!