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Removing Flying Insects From Your Home

Many people are allergic to bee stings. And, no one wants wasps' nests around their home. While these two types of insects are essential to our ecosystem, they can be a problem when they establish their nests or hives on your property. If you see an increase of bee or wasp activity in your yard or around your home, our Casselberry bee and wasp control professionals can help. Do not attempt to move wasp nests or beehives on your own. These insects can become aggressive and seriously injure you. Rowland Pest Management, Inc. is passionate about pest control, and our technicians have the skill, experience, and training to remove wasps and bees safely.

Rowland Pest Management, Inc. provides bee and wasp removal services in Casselberry, Longwood, Oviedo, and Winter Springs. Contact us at (407) 456-8336.

Dealing with Bees

Everyone is familiar with the black and white-striped appearance of bees. However, did you know that there are several different species of bees? The two types of bees most people are familiar with are the typical honeybee and the large, fuzzy bumblebee. Bees are generally recognizable by their round bodies that are typically covered in fur. Most do not stray far from their hives, and so if you see a large number of bees in your yard, odds are, there is a hive nearby. Most bees make hives in trees, but they have been known to build colonies in attics and crawlspaces as well. Meanwhile, other bees, like bumblebees, live underground. Bees are typically not aggressive but are known to defend their hives.

Species of bees common to central Florida and the Casselberry area include:

  • Bumblebees

  • Carpenter bees

  • Honey bees

  • Sweat bees

Many customers are concerned about Africanized honeybees, or "killer bees." These bees are not common to Florida, though there are some occasionally spotted. They look very similar to regular honey bees but are more aggressive and tend to swarm in higher numbers. The sting of an Africanized honey bee is toxic, and because they tend to attack en masse, this can be quite dangerous. You are unlikely to encounter this type of bee, but if you suspect you have them on your property, you should contact a professional bee removal expert, like ours, in Casselberry. Do not attempt to remove a beehive on your own.

Dealing with Wasps & Stinging Insects

Unlike bees, wasps are hairless and tend to have thinner, elongated bodies. They are also much larger than the average honeybee. While many wasp species are black and yellow, like bees, they can come in other colors as well. Common locations for wasp nests include in windows and doorways, eaves, and in other enclosed, undisturbed places, like sheds and woodpiles. Yellowjackets burrow underground, and it is not uncommon for landscapers and gardeners to unknowingly disturb a yellow jacket nest.

Common wasp species in the area include:

  • Bald-faced hornets

  • Mud daubers

  • Paper wasps

  • Yellowjackets

A primary difference between bees and wasps is that wasps tend to be much more aggressive. Additionally, while bees collect pollen from flowers and plants, wasps eat other insects. While wasps play an integral role in our ecosystem, we must keep them nesting in the wilderness, and not around people. Their bites or stings can be incredibly painful, and if you are allergic to them, deadly.

We Offer Free In-Home Estimates for Bee & Wasp Removal

Bees, wasps, and other stinging or biting insects, like hornets, can be a big problem. They are mainly active in the summer months. This is right when you most want to be outside, enjoying your yard. Rowland Pest Management, Inc. is your go-to wasp and bee removal expert. We take a direct approach and work hard to ensure that your family is safe from these potentially dangerous insects. Our Casselberry bee and wasp control team will help you remove beehives and wasp nests and provide you with the guidance you need to keep them from coming back.

For safe bee or wasp removal, contact Rowland Pest Management, Inc. at (407) 456-8336.

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