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Discovering pests in your home can make you feel uneasy. You deserve to feel comfortable in your home. That's why we offer same day and Saturday services for pest emergencies.

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We take care of our community and the environment by using reduced risk products. We are committed to keeping you and your family safe from harmful pesticides.

Pest Control in Wekiwa Springs, FL

Wekiwa Springs, FL is a beautiful and tranquil place to live, but like many other areas in Florida, it is also prone to pest problems. From ants and roaches to rodents and termites, these unwanted guests can quickly become a nuisance for homeowners. That's where professional pest control services come in. Rowland Pest Management, a trusted pest control company serving Wekiwa Springs and surrounding areas, offers comprehensive and effective pest control solutions to keep your home pest-free.

Our exterminators can treat the following pests:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • And more

Our team at Rowland Pest Management is dedicated to providing top-notch pest control services that are safe for your family and pets. We use environmentally friendly products and techniques to eliminate pests while minimizing any harm to the environment effectively.

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Local Pest Control Experts

Dealing with persistent pest problems can be frustrating, especially when generic solutions and store-bought products fail to provide lasting relief. For effective and enduring pest control in the Orlando metro area, trust our expert services. Our process starts with a thorough inspection by our friendly exterminators, who meticulously examine your property for signs of pests, entry points, and other vulnerabilities. This allows us to develop a customized treatment plan that ensures reliable results.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose our pest control services in Wekiwa Springs:

  • Personalized Approach: We create a tailored treatment plan that addresses the unique characteristics of your home and your specific pest concerns.
  • Safe Interior Treatments: Our interior treatments are designed to effectively eliminate pests while prioritizing the safety of your family and pets.
  • Preventive Exterior Treatments: We implement proactive measures to prevent future infestations, protecting your home from potential pest invasions.
  • Year-Round Protection: With regular, scheduled treatments, we maintain a proactive defense to keep your home pest-free throughout the year.
  • Free Re-treatment: If pests return between scheduled visits, we offer complimentary re-treatments to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

Rely on us for comprehensive pest control solutions tailored to your needs, providing long-term relief and protection for your home in Wekiwa Springs.

Rodent Control in Wekiwa Springs

Dealing with rodents in your Wekiwa Springs home can be distressing and dangerous. From the disturbing sounds of scratching in the walls to the unsanitary droppings they leave behind, having rats and mice in your living space poses significant health risks. These pests carry diseases like hantavirus and leptospirosis, and their destructive behaviors include chewing through wires, damaging belongings, and contaminating food supplies. Protect your family's health with our all-encompassing rodent control services in Bunnell. We're committed to providing swift and effective relief, restoring your peace of mind promptly.

Our thorough three-step rodent removal process includes:

  1. Rodent Trapping: We strategically place traps throughout your property, continuously monitoring and resetting them to effectively capture and remove rodents.
  2. Rodent Exclusion: To prevent future infestations, we perform comprehensive exclusion repairs, sealing potential entry points that rodents use to access your home.
  3. Rodent Prevention: Using specialized monitoring stations, we intercept and prevent rodents from entering your property, ensuring your home remains protected from future infestations.

With our extensive rodent control measures, we guarantee your home in Wekiwa Springs will be free from the dangers and disturbances caused by rodent infestations. Rely on us for efficient solutions, allowing you to reclaim your space and return to normalcy quickly.

Termite Treatment in Wekiwa Springs

Protect your Wekiwa Springs home from the threat of termites with the help of our experienced termite exterminators. At Rowland Pest Management, we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of your property by keeping it free from termites. Don't let these destructive pests harm your investment. Rely on us for your termite control needs and enjoy dependable service.

Our extensive termite control program includes:

  • Reduced-Risk Treatments: Designed specifically for Wekiwa Springs homes, our treatments minimize risk while maximizing effectiveness, giving you peace of mind.
  • Ongoing Protection: We provide continuous termite control measures to ensure your home is constantly defended against termite threats.
  • Thorough Inspections: Our detailed inspections identify and address termite infestations early, preventing damage before it starts.
  • Trelona Bait Stations: Using cutting-edge technology, our Trelona bait stations effectively eliminate termites and prevent their return, reinforcing your home against future infestations.

Due to Wekiwa Springs, FL's humid climate, termite infestations are a serious concern. Regular termite monitoring is essential. Our vigilant team closely watches your property for any signs of termite activity and acts quickly to mitigate risks. With our comprehensive inspections and preventive measures, you can keep your Bunnell home termite-free for years to come.

Wasp Control in Wekiwa Springs

If wasps have taken over your Wekiwa Springs backyard, disrupting your outdoor enjoyment, turn to Rowland Pest Management, the leading expert in wasp control. Our comprehensive services are tailored to quickly eliminate wasps and bring peace back to your outdoor space.

When you choose our wasp removal service, you can expect the following:

  • Complimentary Inspection: We carry out a detailed inspection to locate all nests, ensuring no wasp is overlooked.
  • Rapid Response: Using fast-acting products, we quickly subdue aggressive wasps and eliminate them, minimizing any disruption to your outdoor activities.
  • Nest Removal: We not only exterminate wasps but also remove empty nests to prevent reoccupation by other insects, ensuring lasting relief.
  • Professional Expertise: Our trained technicians use professional-grade equipment to perform the job safely and effectively, prioritizing your safety.

Trying to handle wasps on your own can be highly risky, as these insects can sting multiple times, causing painful welts that last for hours. For those with allergies, wasp stings can be especially dangerous. Trust our experienced team for safe and reliable wasp treatment in Wekiwa Springs. Let us handle the problem so you can confidently enjoy your backyard once more.

Mosquito Control in Wekiwa Springs

Living in Wekiwa Springs, FL, means dealing with mosquitoes throughout the year. Protect your family from diseases like Malaria, Zika Virus, and Dengue Fever with our expert mosquito control services.

Our mosquito control package includes:

  • Free Inspection: We conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify breeding sites and create customized solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Fogging Treatments: Quickly eliminate even severe mosquito infestations with our fogging treatments for immediate relief.
  • EPA-Approved Sprays: Our EPA-approved liquid sprays form a protective barrier around your yard, offering long-lasting mosquito resistance.
  • Targeted Larvicides: Prevent mosquito breeding in specific areas with our targeted larvicides, effectively stopping the growth of mosquito populations.
  • Mosquito Traps: Using effective trapping methods, we capture and eliminate mosquitoes, further reducing their numbers.

With our all-encompassing mosquito treatment and prevention strategies, you can enjoy your outdoor space worry-free. Don't let Wekiwa Springs' climate and geography threaten your family's health. Contact us today for lasting mosquito relief.

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They always do a great job! Sam came out and was super helpful and informative

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Great service, Buddy is on time every time never had a problem since the traps were set. Haven't heard a squirrel in the attic, very happy.

Lisa Notestone
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Connor was very nice and professional and explained everything clearly to me. Thank you. - Mary J.

Captain Chad
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