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Discovering pests in your home can make you feel uneasy. You deserve to feel comfortable in your home. That's why we offer same day and Saturday services for pest emergencies.

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Reduced Risk Products

We take care of our community and the environment by using reduced risk products. We are committed to keeping you and your family safe from harmful pesticides.

Pest Control in Bunnell, FL

Pest Control in Bunnell can be a challenge, but Rowland Pest Management makes it easy. With our dedicated service and small business approach, we prioritize getting to know our customers and treating your home with the utmost respect. Our guaranteed services ensure that once we tackle pests, they won't be making a comeback anytime soon.

We cover a comprehensive range of pests in Bunnell, including:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • And more

When it comes to dealing with pests, you don't have to face them alone. Our family-friendly pest solutions prioritize both effectiveness and safety. We use reduced-risk products, ensuring that harsh chemicals are never a concern for your loved ones. Trust Rowland Pest Management for a pest-free home you can feel good about.

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Local Pest Control Experts

For sustained pest relief and protection, generic solutions fall short, leaving you frustrated with persistent infestations. That's why relying on store-bought sprays and traps often proves ineffective. For enduring defense against pests in the Orlando metro area, turn to our trusted pest control services. Our approach begins with a meticulous inspection conducted by our amiable exterminators. We meticulously scour your property for signs of pest activity, potential entry points, and other vulnerabilities before tailoring a targeted treatment plan. This ensures consistently excellent outcomes.

When you opt for our pest control services in Bunnell, here's what you can expect:

  • Personalized Approach: We craft a custom treatment strategy based on the unique characteristics of your home, addressing your specific pest concerns.
  • Safe Interior Treatments: Our interior treatments prioritize the safety of your family and pets, effectively eradicating pests without compromising their well-being.
  • Preventive Exterior Treatments: We implement proactive measures to deter future pest issues, fortifying your home against potential invasions.
  • Year-Round Protection: With scheduled recurring treatments, we maintain a proactive defense strategy, ensuring your home remains shielded from pests throughout the year.
  • Free Re-treatment: In the rare event of pest resurgence between scheduled visits, we provide complimentary re-treatment, ensuring your continued satisfaction and peace of mind.

Trust us to deliver comprehensive pest control solutions tailored to your needs, providing long-term relief and protection for your home in Bunnell.

Rodent Control in Bunnell

In Bunnell, dealing with rodents in your home can be unsettling and hazardous. From the unsettling scratching in the walls to the unsanitary droppings they leave behind, sharing your space with rats and mice poses significant risks. These pests harbor numerous diseases, such as hantavirus and leptospirosis, and their destructive habits extend to damaging belongings, gnawing through wires, and contaminating food supplies. Safeguard your family's well-being with our comprehensive rodent control services in Bunnell. We're dedicated to providing you with prompt relief, restoring your peace of mind swiftly.

Our meticulous three-step approach to rodent removal consists of the following:

  • Rodent Trapping: Employing strategic placement, we set traps throughout your property, regularly monitoring and resetting them as necessary to capture and remove rodents effectively.
  • Rodent Exclusion: To forestall future infestations, we conduct thorough exclusion repairs, sealing off potential entry points that rodents exploit to access your home.
  • Rodent Prevention: Utilizing specialized monitoring stations, we intercept rodents attempting to infiltrate your property, preemptively halting their entry and safeguarding your home against further infestations.

With our comprehensive rodent control measures, we ensure your home in Bunnell is free from the threats and nuisances posed by rodent infestations. Trust us to deliver efficient solutions, enabling you to reclaim your space and return to normalcy without delay.

Termite Treatment in Bunnell

Shield your Bunnell home from the peril of termites with the expertise of our trusted termite exterminators. At Rowland Pest Management, we're committed to preserving the integrity of your property by ensuring it remains termite-free. Don't allow these insidious pests to wreak havoc on your investment. Entrust us with your termite control needs for a dependable service you can rely on.

Our comprehensive termite control program encompasses:

  • Reduced-Risk Treatments: Tailored for Bunnell residences, our termite treatments minimize risks while maximizing effectiveness, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Ongoing Protection: We offer continuous termite control measures to safeguard your home, ensuring persistent defense against termite threats.
  • Thorough Inspections: Our meticulous inspections detect and preemptively address termite infestations, preventing damage before it occurs.
  • Trelona Bait Stations: Utilizing advanced technology, our Trelona bait stations effectively eradicate termites and deter their return, fortifying your home against future infestations.

Given Bunnell, FL's humid climate, termite infestations pose a significant concern. Therefore, consistent termite monitoring is imperative. Our vigilant team remains vigilant, closely monitoring your property for any signs of termite activity and promptly intervening to mitigate risks. Stay ahead of the termites with our comprehensive inspections and preventative measures, ensuring your Bunnell home remains termite-free for years to come.

Wasp Control in Bunnell

If your Bunnell backyard has become a battleground with invading wasps, endangering your outdoor enjoyment, rely on Rowland Pest Management, the foremost authority in wasp control. Our array of services is designed to swiftly eliminate wasps and restore the tranquility of your outdoor space.

When you engage our wasp removal service, anticipate the following:

  • Complimentary Inspection: We conduct a thorough inspection to pinpoint all existing nests, ensuring no wasp goes unnoticed.
  • Rapid Response: Armed with fast-acting products, we promptly calm down aggressive wasps and eliminate them swiftly, minimizing disruption to your outdoor activities.
  • Nest Removal: We not only eradicate wasps but also remove empty nests to prevent their reoccupation by other insects, ensuring long-term relief.
  • Professional Expertise: Our trained technicians utilize professional-grade equipment to execute the task safely and effectively, prioritizing your well-being.

Attempting to tackle wasps independently can pose significant risks, as these insects are capable of multiple stings that induce painful welts lasting for hours. For individuals with allergies, wasp stings can be particularly perilous. Entrust your safety to our seasoned team for secure and dependable wasp treatment in Bunnell. Let us address the issue, allowing you to reclaim your backyard sanctuary with confidence.

Mosquito Control in Bunnell

In Bunnell, FL, grappling with mosquitoes year-round is a reality. Safeguard your family against the threat of diseases like Malaria, Zika Virus, and Dengue Fever with our specialized mosquito control services.

Our mosquito treatment package encompasses the following:

  • Complimentary Inspection: We conduct a thorough assessment to pinpoint breeding areas and devise tailored solutions to address your specific needs.
  • Fogging Treatments: Swiftly eradicate even severe mosquito infestations with our fogging treatments, ensuring immediate relief.
  • EPA-Approved Sprays: Our liquid sprays, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, establish a mosquito-resistant barrier around your yard, providing long-lasting protection.
  • Targeted Larvicides: Prevent mosquito breeding in specific areas with our targeted larvicides, effectively thwarting the growth of mosquito populations.
  • Mosquito Traps: Employing effective trapping methods, we capture and eliminate these pesky insects, further reducing their numbers.

With our comprehensive mosquito treatment and prevention strategies, you can savor your outdoor space without the burden of worry. Don't allow Bunnell's climate and geography to jeopardize your family's health. Contact us today for enduring relief from mosquitoes.

5 Star Review

Always been great, when I have a problem they are always a call away and have came to help solve some pest issues promptly. Quarterly service has left home relatively pest free.

5 Star Review

Great company, especially my service tech, Dylan. Guy is an absolute unit and took care of all my concerns. Appreciate your service!

Justin Patterson
New Smyrna Beach Office
5 Star Review

Jake has been great to deal with each time he has came to our home for an appointment. Great communication and very professional.

Ian Eisner
Bunnell Office

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