Carpenter Bees In Casselberry Can Be A Problem If Not Caught Early

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Carpenter bees in Casselberry may seem like nothing more than a nuisance pest, but this larger bumbling bee can create significant problems if not dealt with early. Fortunately, Casselberry pest control is around to help you understand how to get rid of carpenter bees and assist you in avoiding carpenter bee wood damage.

How To Identify Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees look very similar to bumblebees, but there are a few differences that you can notice on this pest upon closer inspection. Carpenter bees are larger in size than bumblebees. Instead of a distinctive black and yellow stripe, carpenter bees have a black body with a yellow patch on their upper abdomen and a black face; males often have white dots on their faces.

Carpenter bees also have a large pair of wings and will commonly be seen around wooden structures on your home or decks and patios, unlike bumblebees who prefer to hang out around flowers and other types of foliage.

Does Anything Instantly Kill Carpenter Bees?

Many individuals wonder, ‘how do you kill carpenter bees?’ once this pest starts invading their property. And while there are a few DIY remedies that can instantly kill carpenter bees, such as a mixture of water and boric acid sprayed directly on the bees, these methods can often be hit or miss. Even though the remedies will reduce the number of bees invading your home, they often don’t take care of the root source of the infestation. More carpenter bees will invade the nests they have made until access is removed to the colony and prevention tactics are put into place to deter this pest.

Carpenter bee pest control can help you with the process of total carpenter bee elimination.

What Damages Can Carpenter Bees Cause In Casselberry?

Carpenter bees can create serious damage to your Casselberry property due to their constant chewing and tunneling through the wood. This tunneling also lets moisture inside the wood, leading to greater damage and more expensive repairs.

The damage you may notice from carpenter bees includes:

  • Carpenter bee sized holes along with wooden siding or around the edges of your home
  • Sawdust on the ground or around holes where carpenter bees have been tunneling
  • Wood that appears moist or visually damaged and breaks to the touch
  • Yellowish staining on wood resulting from pollen and carpenter bee droppings
  • Internal damage to wooden structures leads to a risk of collapse and total decay

Professional carpenter bee removal is the best thing you can invest in to prevent these damages in your home.

What Is The Best Treatment For Carpenter Bees?

The best treatment for carpenter bees is implementing prevention tactics, such as finishing wooden areas, filling in carpenter bee holes around your property and investing in help from Rowland Pest Management. Our professionals at Rowland Pest Management will be able to evaluate your carpenter bee problem and identify areas that need immediate treatment, helping you to effectively and efficiently remove a carpenter bee infestation. 

This total carpenter bee removal stops the wooden areas of your property from being damaged and saves you from expensive repairs. Plus, our specialists at Rowland Pest Management can provide you with advice and assistance that prevents reinfestation. 

For the best carpenter bee treatment plans, trust Rowland Pest Management and reach out for more assistance or advice today.

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