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Windermere, FL Pest Control

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Pest Control In Windermere, FL

Located in the heart of Florida is Windermere, a small community of just over 3,000 residents. With its quaint, small-town feel, good public school systems, and proximity to larger cities, it’s no wonder why the population has started to grow. Unfortunately, this also means pest populations are booming, making Orange County pest control more necessary than ever before. At Rowland Pest Management, we are committed to keeping Windermere homes and businesses safe from pest invasions year-round. Read on to learn how!

Residential Pest Control In Windermere

At Rowland Pest Management, we pride ourselves on not only the high quality of our residential pest control services but also on the personalized touch we tailor for each and every family we help. We believe in putting people first, and complete the following steps to ensure we are able to deliver the best services:

  • Step one: Complete a thorough inspection.
  • Step two: Review the information gathered during the inspection, and then decide on a treatment plan that will be most effective for your situation.
  • Step three: Enact this treatment on both your home’s interior and exterior.
  • Step four: Complete quarterly treatments to ensure your home stays pest-free.

Our residential pest control services always come with a  free, no-obligation quote, as well as a pest-free guarantee. When it comes to keeping your home safe, trust the professionals at Rowland Pest Management to complete the job in a swift, efficient manner that is effective yet still safe for you and your family. Call us today!

Commercial Pest Control In Windermere

Rowland Pest Management also provides complete, comprehensive commercial pest control services for Windermere businesses, including:

  • Food service
  • Office building
  • Dental offices
  • Warehouses
  • Retail
  • Daycares

When it comes to keeping your business operational and safe for your employees and patrons, Rowland Pest Management should be your first call. Our commercial pest control services are just as thorough as our residential services, while still offering the same free quotes and pest-free guarantee. Additionally, we provide same-day emergency services, because we know pests don’t always wait to cause problems during core business hours. Keep your business running smoothly and your reputation intact with our help today!

Sometimes, you have to secure professional wildlife removal services to keep your property safe. Here in Windermere, raccoons are always waiting for an opportunity to cause problems. Below are some of the reasons why you should have a professional from Rowland Pest Management take care of the raccoons on your property today:

  • Diseases: Raccoons are notorious for spreading harmful diseases that can affect both you and your pets, including distemper, parvovirus, and rabies. Unfortunately, having only been exposed to the waste of an infected raccoon is enough for you or your pet to become ill.
  • Property damage: It’s no surprise that these nuisance pests can cause some pretty severe damage to your property. As determined animals that are much stronger than they look, they will happily rip a hole into any wall if it stands in between them and where they want to be. This can damage your walls, and roof, and allow raccoons to access the interior of your home or garage.

At Rowland Pest Management, our technicians specialize in professional wildlife removal. If raccoons are infiltrating your property, let us handle them for you. Give us a call today!

Why Rodent Infestations In Windermere Are Best Left To The Professionals

Another pest you should leave to the professionals is rodents. There are many different types of rodents in Windermere, but all of them are capable of being quite dangerous. Below are some of the reasons rodents should be handled by professional technicians:

  • Killing a few adults doesn’t take care of the problem. All types of rodents are prolific breeders. Many can breed year-round, which leads to them typically producing five to ten litters a year, with roughly six to eight babies per litter. In just three months, a family of six rodents can multiply into 60. Killing a few adults does nothing to eliminate the entire problem.
  • Rodents carry diseases. Rodents have been the vectors for some of the worst pandemics in human history. They can still spread the bubonic plague, along with hantavirus, rat-bite fever, rabies, and salmonellosis. As with raccoons, you don’t need to have been bitten by a rodent to be exposed to dangerous illnesses.
  • Rodents are smart. We really don’t give them enough credit. They are so smart, in fact, that studies have shown that rodents are actually less likely to go near an object, like a trap, because they are naturally wary of these types of objects. 

It takes years of training to understand the complete pathology of rodents and understand their behaviors and mannerisms. This, coupled with access to the most advanced tools available on the professional market, make Rowland Pest Management’s technicians equipped to handle any type of rodent infestation you might be experiencing. Don’t risk getting ill — let us help you today!