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Raccoons are cute… from a distance. When they invade your property, it is another story. Raccoons can create extensive property damage, and they can carry diseases like rabies. Because they are potentially dangerous, you should not attempt to trap and remove raccoons on your own. Instead, you should work with a professional raccoon and wildlife removal expert, like us. Rowland Pest Management, Inc. has extensive experience in raccoon removal. Our Casselberry wildlife control specialists are just a phone call away. We can help you safely remove raccoons from your home and yard, and help you prevent their return.

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How to Prevent Raccoons From Getting Inside Your Home

Depending on where you live, it may not be uncommon to see the occasional raccoon wandering through your yard or neighborhood. Raccoons are common all over the U.S., and Florida is no exception. They are considered a type of nuisance wildlife. As scavengers, they are often seen rooting around in garbage cans and come onto people's property looking for food. And, because they are nocturnal, they can cause quite the disturbance when they get into your garbage or even your home.

To prevent raccoons, you should:

  • Keep all pet food closed and secured

  • Keep trash areas clean of debris

  • Animal-proof all trash cans

  • Keep sheds and outbuildings closed and locked

  • Seal any holes and crawl spaces so they cannot access your home

  • Lock all pet doors at night

Raccoons are natural climbers, and they often make their dens in attics. This creates a further problem as mother raccoons will aggressively defend their kits. Furthermore, raccoons have been known to become aggressive when confronted or surprised by household pets. If you think you have a raccoon in your attic, contact our Casselberry raccoon control team at Rowland Pest Management, Inc. We will help you safely remove the raccoon.

Dealing with Raccoons

After the raccoons are trapped and removed, the next step in preventing their return is to figure out how they were getting into your home in general. Often, raccoons enter through holes, inadequate insulation, or damaged roofing material. With their hand-like claws and sharp teeth, they can chew through shingles and decaying wood to get inside.

Our removal and preventative services include:

  • Animal trapping and removal

  • Animal-proofing your property

  • Attic insulation repair

  • Attic restoration

  • Cleanup services

Raccoons can cause a lot of property damage, and the removal and repair process may feel daunting. But you are not alone in this. Rowland Pest Management, Inc. is here to help you. We are passionate about helping our customers recover from a wildlife infestation like raccoons.

Do You Have Raccoons?

There are several signs of a raccoon problem besides seeing the actual raccoon. If you notice a lot of noise in your attic at night, such as scratching and walking around, or if your garbage cans are being riffled through and overturned at night, you might have raccoons. You may also notice raccoon droppings or holes that have been pried into your roof or eaves. If you see any of these signs, call Rowland Pest Management, Inc. Our raccoon control specialists provide raccoon removal services in Casselberry, Longwood, Oviedo, and Winter Springs. We can use our experience and knowledge to help you today.

You do not have to share your home with raccoons. Contact us today at (407) 456-8336 and get the raccoons out.

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