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Lions, tigers, and bears… OH MY! Well, maybe not lions, tigers, and bears, but definitely raccoons, opossums, armadillos, & snakes! I’m sure you’ve seen big holes going under your home, or your trash can tipped over and garbage thrown about. Right!?

Maybe you haven’t experienced this. But these creatures are all around us. After all, we have been tearing up their homes to build our new homes, so where are they supposed to go?

These animals are much like us, in that, they have families they need to feed, and they need a warm, dry place to sleep at night, or day if they are nocturnal. What better place than your warm, cozy, and safe home!

So, let’s talk about raccoons. Yep, those cute and cuddly guys that steal your trash & break into your attic!


Raccoons have been a nuisance for quite some time, but in recent years with all the construction going on their number has spiked drastically.

So, what do we do? We need to be proactive in making sure we don’t have a vacancy sign shining bright for all wildlife to see.

Take a look around your home. What do you see? Are you finding trees that are right up against your roofline? Is there soffit missing? Do you have a lid on your trash can?

There are all things that say to a wandering raccoon, “Hey! Come, over here! We have food and shelter!” I don’t think this is the message you want to send off, am I right? In fact, you probably want to be a head of the game and take the proper steps to make sure your home is sealed, your landscape trimmed, and your trash tightly covered up.

What raccoons like to do is climb trees, get on your roof, and not so gently rip open your soffit or siding to get into your attic where they start a new life with their family. Does this sound like something you’d like to be a part of? It’s a generous action to want to feed the homeless and give them a place to stay, but in this case those guys can just keep moving along!

What do raccoons do once they are inside your attic? It’s just what you would think, start a family! The majority of the time that you have raccoons in your attic it is going to be a mother raccoon with her kits or a female raccoon who’s about to give birth!

What are the signs that you have a raccoon in your attic? Well, for starters, you are likely going to hear it scratching and banging around your ceiling. Raccoons are pretty heavy so the noise will be pretty loud. Other creatures you could have scratching and banging around in your attic are squirrels, roof rats, flying squirrels, bats, and opossums. These animals are much smaller so the noises will be subtler.

Raccoons can carry rabies and are quite aggressive, so we always recommend calling a professional when dealing with these critters. If you need help feel free to contact us by calling (407) 456-8336.


Opossums might look mean but that toothy smile is really a defense mechanism to help scare off predators. In reality, these guys are way more scared of you than you should be of them. Though they are not as harmful as you may think, they are still a nuisance when they are in your attic!

Much like raccoons, they climb trees to find places for shelter. They will usually push open your soffit and climb right in your attic, causing quite a stir as you hear them thumping above your head.

How do you know if you have an opossum or a raccoon in your attic? The opossum will defecate all over the place. The droppings look more like dog feces while raccoons tend to create specific areas where they will defecate called latrines.

How to Get Rid of Possums in the Attic

There are two ways to get rid of opossums: by hand or by using a trap. Remember, these animals carry illnesses, so you need to be extremely careful when dealing with them! The safest option would be to remove them by using a trap. You will need to first verify that the animal is still in the attic. Then you will set the trap at the entry point. It is best to use some food to bait them into the trap. Wet cat food will usually do the trick!

Once the animal is caught you will need to make sure there are no babies left in the attic. This can be a very difficult process, so we always recommend calling a professional! After all the animals have been removed from your attic it is time to repair the damage and clean up the mess they left behind.

How do you repair the damage that raccoons and opossums will do to your home to create an entry point for them to gain access to your attic?

Raccoons and opossums will use soffit to roof gaps the majority of the time to enter a home. In doing this, they will typically bend your soffit and tear it off of the track.

If you do not have experience with soffit repair, you should not attempt to fix it. This is a task for someone with experience with soffit installation and repair. Once your repair has been made, it is time to clean up your attic.

Attic Decontamination

As these guys trample through your attic they are tearing up insulation and defecating right above your head.

Raccoon droppings carry roundworm. This disease can be transmitted to humans through inhalation. If you are going to attempt to clean up the mess yourself you will need to make sure to wear personal protective equipment so that you do not end up breathing in or touching any harmful particles that may be stirred up while removing the feces and soiled insulation.

Step #1: Remove Soiled Insulation

The old insulation will need to be removed. This can be done by hand or by using a machine.

Step #2: Sanitize Attic

This can be done by hand or with a machine as well. The product most widely used for this is DSV, a disinfectant, sanitizer, and viricide.

Step #3: Install New Insulation

New insulation is blown into the attic to replace the old soiled insulation. This is performed using a specific machine that comes with a hose that you will pull up into the attic and blow loose insulation in, covering the majority of the attic.

Wildlife removal can be a tedious and dangerous process. Make sure you do not tackle this on your own.

Do you need help removing wildlife from your home? Contact Rowland Pest Management, Inc by calling (407) 456-8336 today.

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