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Rodent Control in Casselberry

Removing Rodents From Your Roof

Roof Rats, Squirrels, and Flying Squirrels are all nuisance rodents that we deal with here in Casselberry and the rest of Central Florida! They not only are annoying but they can cause a lot of damage to your home and bring in some nasty diseases.

These rodents will find holes and gaps on the exterior of your home and use these entry points to gain access to the interior of your home. Once they have entered they will travel through your walls, attic, and in some cases your living space. I cannot tell you how many times we have had calls about rats stealing food from the kitchen!

3 Steps To Get Rid Of Rodents

1. Trapping and Removal

The first thing you want to do is start the trapping/removal process. If you are dealing with rats you will need to set your rat traps in the attic and other appropriate but safe places to catch them. If you are dealing with squirrels you can either set up a 1-way door which will allow them to exit but not get back in or you can set up a live trap to safely remove and relocate them. (Before attaching the 1 way door you will want to complete step 2 first!)

This is a one-way door. Once the squirrel(s) have exited, they cannot figure out how to get back in!

2. Exclusion

This is the sealing up of any known or potential entry points which the rodents are using to gain access inside. You could have gaps between where your soffit meets your roof, holes in your soffit, or many other areas where they can easily enter. All the rats need is 1/4 inch and they will make it work!

3. Prevention

This final step is a very important piece to the rodent control puzzle. This involves placing Rodent Monitoring Stations around your property to keep the exterior rodent population under control. When you have an overpopulation of rats around your home it is only a matter of time before they start to become a nuisance once again!

Keep Your Family Safe From Illness

These little guys might look cute and cuddly in some pictures, but I assure you that is not the case. Rats and mice are catalysts for diseases. Hantavirus, rat-bite fever and Salmonella are just to name a few….And if that doesn’t get your immune system going, the roof rat or the black rat is actually the same rodent that introduced the Plague which killed approximately 30% – 60% of Europe’s total population. It just so happens that this very same rat is one of the most common rats found right here in Central Florida.

Not only are rodents vessels of disease, but they also can cause quite a bit of property damage. Chewed up electrical wires, punctured plumbing lines and gnawed wood are some examples of what you can expect when these furry little bacteria transporters take up residence in your home or establishment. So if you decide to let these guys run amok on your property, you’d better be ready for a hefty repair bill!

Most commonly found in our area are Roof Rats, Squirrels, and Flying Squirrels. They all have a lot of the same habits but there are some tell-tale signs indicating which rodent you are dealing with.

Roof Rat

These rodents tend to hang around yes, you guessed it….your roof!….and other high places. Although they can also be found near the ground. In fact, Most of their nests in this area are under debris in your yard! They will typically gain access from holes at either ground level or roof level. Once they have entered your home the wall nest inside the walls and attic. Roof Rats are nocturnal so you will usually hear them at night! If you think you have seen or heard a rat, there will more than likely be a few adults and a few young as well.


Squirrels love to eat your crops and dig into your trash to find leftovers from last night’s dinner. They also love to gnaw on your home, from your wood siding, fascia, and soffits, to your plumbing vent lead covers. Their teeth constantly grow so this is a way for them to keep them at a manageable length. In the process of eating your home they will open entry points leading to your attic. Unlike Roof Rats, Squirrels will be heard at dusk and at dawn.

Damaged Plumbing Vent

It may not look like much but if you look closely you can see that the lead cover has been gnawed down exposing the actual plumbing pipe. This is no good. When the lead cover is not covering the whole pipe and folding up and over rainwater will fall between the lead and the pipe which leads to the wood decking of your roof or sometimes directly into your attic! When there is moisture in your attic this can lead to insect infestation.

Plumbing Vent Boot

This is what goes on top of your plumbing vent to protect your plumbing vent from squirrel damage. If you already have damage to your plumbing vent you will want to repair the vent and then install this plumbing vent boot over it.

Flying Squirrel

Flying Squirrels are similar to Roof Rats in that they are close in size and are nocturnal. They will usually nest in trees but when there is a small hole in your home they will gladly take up residence in your attic! Flying Squirrels have been spotted in Sanford, Longwood, Lake Mary, and Heathrow areas. I’m sure they are in Orlando as well!

Rodents may look cute, but the damage they can do to your property and your health is not worth the risk. Follow the 3 steps if you are having this issue. Make sure your home is rodent proof!

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